9 Spice Chocolate Chai

$14.00 - $98.00
Organic Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Black Peppercorns, Aniseed, Cloves, Cardamom, Mace
Contains Soy in Dark Chocolate, may contain milk
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Our 9 Spice Chocolate Chai is a decadent & unique blend of dark chocolate, whole spices and organic black tea. Our organic tea is sourced from the valleys of Assam, where tea grows in abundance. Can you get anything better than tea, chocolate and spices? Enjoy this chai daily or for those days when you just want a decadent chai! Make sure to stir often while brewing to ensure the chocolate pieces melt just right!

Chai done right is tastier and healthier, this blend tastes best when brewed the authentic and traditional way on the stovetop. Our blends use real whole ingredients, no nasties here (aka additives and flavorings).  

Flavor Profile: Well balanced flavor of chocolate, mace & warming spices

Milks: We recommend: Dairy Milk, Dairy & Non-Dairy Creamers, Soy Milk, Ripple Pea Milk & Oat Milk. Please note, store bought almond milks make the chai bitter when it is simmered on the stove so please avoid it. Click on the following link to learn more on which milks work best:

Which milks work best?

Brewing: Click on the following link for instructions on how to brew multiple servings of hot chai, iced chai, cold brew chai & quick brew chai:

How to Brew