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My Inspiration

My name is Asha and I am the founder of Leely Chai Co. My love for chai began during my childhood when we spent our summers visiting grandparents in beautiful Karnataka, India. Chai is not only a daily part of life in India but it is literally drank every hour of the day from dawn till dusk.  You are offered chai at every event, when you visit someone’s home, weddings to even entering a store for shopping. India is not only the largest tea producing region in the world but Indians also consume the most tea than any other nation.  That is how much India loves Chai.  And that is where my love for chai and all its glorious spices started and gave me the inspiration to start my company. Now, I spend my mornings making chai for my husband who is obsessed with the Turmeric Chai and the Caffeine Free Chai for my kids.

How it all started!

Chai is filled with amazing whole spices from fennel to cardamom to really anything else you want to add to it.  As I started my journey as a new mom, various health issues cropped up.  I was doing great health wise until after I had my kids and suddenly my lack of sleep, on the go lifestyle and unhealthy eating seem to have caught up to me. I was diagnosed with 2 inflammatory diseases: arthritis and peripheral neuropathy in my 40s.  In addition, I discovered a tumor on the side of my face, which thankfully was benign, which I got removed. My journey navigating these health issues lead me to eat better, read ingredients, eat whole foods and I started using various spices and food as medicine.  All these changes helped manage my symptoms. I love turmeric & black pepper to reduce inflammation and have managed to avoid pharmaceutical drugs.

Blown away by how spices and foods can really impact your health in a positive way, I was disappointed to see that chai was being sold with unhealthy ingredients such as caking agents, preservatives and fake flavors.  This frustration in addition to my own health journey and using food for healing inspired me to start this company, to share the tremendous benefits of using spices and food for a better mind, body and spirit. Our products are full of flavor, tasty and good for you!

Our Chai has:

No Flavors (only real spices)

No Fillers

No Maltodextin

No Caking Agents

No Sugars


Our mission is to spread awareness on the positive effects of using the right foods and ingredients for a better mind, body and spirit.


Be a trusted and top provider of food products, education & resources that help people lead a healthier and happier life

Growth & Gratitude

Since launching in 2018, the brand has grown from 1 chai blend to 9 chai blends. I have also added superfood blends to the product line. What excites me the most is the customer response and how much you all love brewing fresh authentic chai. You can really see and taste the difference and your love for it is what keeps me going! To learn more about chai and its benefits, check out this link!

Stay spicy and enjoy!


Founder, Leely Chai Co